Clean Copy offers a variety of editing and proofreading services to meet your specific requirements. The time a job will take depends upon the service required, in addition to the complexity of the topic and layout, the extent of corrections and the urgency of the job. As an estimate, jobs are typically calculated at the following rates:

.032 cents per word

$32 for 1000 words

$320 for 10,000 words

$3200 for 100,000 words

.040 cents per word

$40 for 1000 words

$400 for 10,000 words

$4000 for 100,000 words

Structural Editing
.080 cents per word

$80 for 1000 words

$800 for 10,000 words

$8000 for 100,000 words


*Premium includes copyediting and proofreading


Copywriting $75 per hour. Realty writing $175 per job (includes property viewing, full copy, plus edits for newspaper, internet and billboard ads).


Rates are competitive with industry standard. All hours are carefully tracked and itemised on the invoice and any savings are passed on to the client. 24-hour turnaround negotiable. 


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